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David is trying to connect technological thinking with making. He can think about these interesting new technologies that work at 30,000 and he shows how it works at ground level. Brian Collins, Designer

I'm currently the Director of the AT&T AdWorks Lab, here in NYC. I'm so excited to be in a place where all of my previous skills come together to create one, exciting brand experience! I have to say, we have created a very cool environment, built on the narrative of Inform, Engage, Inspire. It's been incredibly inspiring to work with the various teams here at AT&T - I work with some of the smartest people I've ever had the chance to work with. It sure is nice to do something I really love every day. If you're ever in NYC, stop by and see what we're doing.

For 20+ years, I have explored emerging technologies that can help brands tell better stories. I have also helped brands align their online and offline experiences into Onelineā„¢ experiences, to create a better business, drive revenue and differentiate in a world that's too similar. I help brands understand how to better connect with their audience and that today what you do is far more important then what you say.

You may have known me as the Founder and Chief Experience Officer of the Brand Experience Lab, which was called "A playroom for marketers and agencies" by Ad Age when it first opened. Or, you may know me from my days writing Experience Manifesto, a blog I wrote for over 5 years. Or maybe you know me as LBBINC (my previous company was Location Based Branding) on Twitter. And this road I'm on began way back in the early 90's, when I was first introduced to virtual reality by Dave Peters of Absolute Amusements.

In those many years, I've covered a lot of ground, but one thing has remained consistent: I've always looked for innovative ways to create compelling, authentic and relevant brand experiences.

These days, many of us are so focused on the day to day that we lose sight of the incredible need to focus on future possibilities. David makes you see the world through a different set of lenses and imagine new ways to think and grow. The endless opportunities for business growth spew from this man's incredible creative mind in unimaginable ways. He is a talent you simply have to experience. Mort Goldstrom, Newspaper Association of America.

AT&T AdWorks Lab from AT&T AdWorks on Vimeo.