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March 31, 2005


j. gaynor

Hi - don't know who will see this thought, but here goes.

We could use - and 11 smart consumer brands - are going to jump onboard exclusive-by-category our website that is launching around May 1, 2005 awarding cash by July of over $500,000.00 weekly promoting with our fun, interactive Sweepstakes promoting national brick and mortar store brands - each offering an online printable discount coupon ONLY for their brick and mortar stores.

We are not an ad-served situation that changes all the time. First good brands that come - they get the spot on every page for as long as they want to be with us. Several hundred million page views by September (the number is provably real) and a thanx from 100 million sports and stock market enthusiasts.

If you have that relationship with a smart buyer than please contact us or send them to us directly. Don't be the person who turned down Survivors and Desperate Housewives.

We write in superlatives, but fortunately they're all true.

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