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January 03, 2006


Laura Davis-Taylor

I agree with your points.

Selling store networks based on the Media/Revenue equation alone is setting us up to create more UNWANTED marketing noise. For lack of a better word, I think it's a lazy strategy...sell the media message and build an ROI around incoming media revenues and that's all they are accountable to. Nowhere is the shopper accounted for!

My deep fear is that Madison Avenue is going to get a grip on this medium in search of the ever-elusive eyeball and we're going to end up with a circus in retail stores. I do believe that the networks can indeed have a positive play within these stores, but it's not a media play. It's a customer experience play. And, who is ultimately going to ensure that they are planning and executing enjoyable content that is built around customers and enhances their shopping experience is a real challenge.

I don't pretend to have that answer...but I think it's possible if the right consituents come together and build the business/content strategy responsibly around that precious shopper.

James Tenser

I think you may be missing the essential point here. Advertisers are not just buying jaded eyeballs (reach and frequency) when they purchase in-store media. They are purchasing an ability to boost sales levels in the retail stores - known as lift in the trade. And they are buying better relationships with their retail hosts.

Retail stores are communications environments for a variety of brand messages, ranging from instant coupons, to in-store radio, to the pictures on packages. The folks at Procter & Gamble know this full well - try reading up on the company's "First Moment of Truth" activities. It's all about influencing behavior at the store shelf.

Lift is measurable and in-store media outcomes may be empirically tested by comparing matched stores. If you think like a media planner, this is harder to grasp.


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