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April 11, 2006


eric, store 281

What store was this at, the store i work at will apply tomorrows price today. i'm happy to hear that they helped you as much as possible, but that could have gone even better had they took the next step. If you get this go ahead and email those ideas to me.

terry campbelle

Sir, I am a media supervisor for Best Buy, I run the CD/DVD section of media, and I want to personally say IM SORRY!!, This is unexceptable, they should have given the CD to you as Best Buy, policy if the price is cheaper in the next week, we price match ourselves so even if you bought the cd that night at original price you could have come back the next day and got your money back, any way sorry, I myself would have given the CD to you that instant, and only probably taken about 5mins to complete this whole transaction, Email me your adress Ill send you that CD, in the mail.

Send me your ideas I will check them out,
Sorry again, Terry

Devon - store 979

This is not price issue, it is a street date issue. Most of the time, singles from New Release albums are released weeks before the actual album drops. This would be the reason why the song was playing, but the album not available.

The reason why Best Buy could not sell you an album, is well, because that would be illegal. If a store sells an album before the street date there are substantial fines and license issues to deal with.

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