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June 15, 2006


finn mckenty

Smart kid- my thoughts exactly!

Paula Thornton

I was 'underwhelmed' by New York on my first immersive trip a year ago. It seemed to me to be a city going through the motions -- continuously moving, but going nowhere. I was there at the same time as the 'gates' were on display in Central Park. Interesting, but a deplorable use of $20 MIL that could have been put to use for more permanent purposes.

But it was classic New York...a disposable experience. I walked out of a Broadway show at intermission even though it cost a lot of money. My time was worth more than that. Lots to do and so little fulfillment.

Without intending to negate the pleasures of those who enjoy the experience, I concur with the clarity of the childlike perspective of your daughter -- people are too busy 'being' to notice the need for 'doing'. One of my favorite taglines that we used for a litter campaign in Colorado Springs: A butt is a terrible thing to waste. Cigarette butts to me are a symptom of pride and lack of concern for the experiences of others. Collectively they represent a count of the 'depth' of social derision. You can only appreciate just how jeering such a statement is if you've ever stood at a city freeway exit and picked up the hundreds of butts thrown out at a stoplight. Your daughter is quite perceptive to pick up on this relevant social bellwether.

New York is a city full of experiences -- fleeting ones that you pay plenty for. Not really my thing.

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