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July 06, 2006



MS Zune sounds like another MSN. Billions down the drain with nothing to show for it.

First, by noon of day 1, some hacker will write a utility so every mp3 will look like a Apple AAC track and MS will be on the hook for a billion tracks.

Wifi? MS cannot get direct connect to work correctly on their current players - you really want a slower wonkier connection from MS that requires you to stand outside the house? wifi might be free at your house but elsewhere - like the cell pone companies - you will to pay $16.99 to buy one track?

Communities. You honestly think MS can create an organic community - not even MTV can ... will it be as "great" as the new walmart myspace?
bwhaahaha ... there are about 45 music community sites already - don't see people switching to join MS MSN's community - not just the last place on earth to find hip but it's awful close.

MS has created 11 versions of a music player - none even remotely close to itunes (WMP 11 has a community feature of sorts) - but in 6 months, they'll come up with something better?

As for design - you really must be expecting miracles - anything is possible but so far, it looks a walmart case for an ipod ...

They've already announced pricing at $399 for a 30GB - more costly than an ipod already ...

MS couldn't take down AOL with MSN.

As if that's not enough strikes against it - apprently it won't work with any other WMA store OR plays4sure ... so the marketing message is it's MS ZUNE WMA - better than MS WMA?

Add to the fact, MS will position it as an XBox accessory ... gamers will see through it since it plays no games ... and "average" consumers will wonder why they would buy an xbox mp3 player thinking it's some gaming thing ...

This thing will bomb badly.

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