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July 26, 2006


c byrne

Ecclesiastes states that "there is nothing new under the sun". As do you.


Coleen Read

I am the Director of Research at Talent Zoo. We specialize in job placement for people in the communications industry, as well as provide a career portal with news, advice, and editorials from the industry elite.

What I see, is that these agencies and their clients are trying to reach the 18-25 demographic. I think what Myspace and Youtube are doing is great because people have some freedom of expression. But like other forms of media, they are going to fade. Advertisers will try to stick ads in wherever they can. Then these sites will be bombarded with so much advertising that people won't go there anymore. Then it will be on to the next thing.


Excellent points. Far more marketers would be better off realizing the cyclical nature than sprinting to hop on the next bandwagon of 18-25 year old hipness. There is a lot of hype around social sites--especially YouTube--which is fueling the success. The quality of the content is not driving the is the hype, newness, and "look at me" voyeurism that is driving the numbers (views not dollars...yet). That being said I think YouTube realizes the precarious situation it is in: needing to become profitable, seeing the ad supported model as the answer, but afraid that too much advertising will result in massive user abandonment.

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