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October 31, 2006


VC Dan

David, I'm not sure if your post was directed at advertisers or bloggers, but as an investor in PayPerPost I can shed some light for both.

Advertiser: You are and have always been able to require up-front, clear disclosure for people reviewing your product. This puts it clearly in the same category as other labelled advertising such as AdSense, banners, etc. (but much more transparent than affiliate links). You also are and have always been able to require posts that are of a review/buzz nature, leaving tone to the writer. It takes guts to leave it in the writer's hands, but feedback is good for product improvement anyway. As such, the value and ethics of using a platform like PayPerPost lies squarely in your hands.

Bloggers: You are and have always been able to provide up-front, clear disclosure for the ad opportunities you find interesting and match your audience relationship. You also are and have always been able to write posts based upon your true experiences and opinions with products. Bloggers using PPP are never required to post about products in any tone they don't choose themselves.

Therefore, if you try PayPerPost as an advertiser or blogger, spend some time thinking about your own goals and ethics first. Advertisers control their brand and bloggers control their blog, and there is powerful marketing potential where those two intersect.

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