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January 10, 2007


Stephen Denny

You don't like getting sensory spam while checking out? Just wait until mobile advertising arrives in your pocket!

What did Seth Godin attribute to the Verizon marketing people? That, "somewhere, advertisers are willing to pay for this..." apparently not wondering whether consumers had any interest at all in receiving it? Sometimes, you just need to learn the hard way, I guess.

David Polinchock

That's why we also predicted that the advertising backlash will continue! As we say pretty often -- we need to captivate, not simply capture, our audience. But spam, in all of its forms, will exist no matter what people like us say or do! And no matter how much it pisses off the audience!

Steve Dragoo

I have worked in and with the Retail Supermaket Industry for 3 1/2 decades, and must tell you that I cannot find a suitable experiece near my hometown. PUBLIX until recently seemed to be somewhat attuned to the customer...but, alas...they have reverted to the "time-honored" tradition of clerks holding conversations which are only momentarily interrupted to proffer a cursory greeting to the person(s) they are ostensibly there to serve. Pitiful. I DON'T CARE that you've had a hard day--or when you get your next break!

-Signed, with great affection- one of the people who pay your weekly wage (until we get a viable home delivery alternative).

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