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January 23, 2007


Dale Wolf

Not surprising in a sad way ... retail grocers too long believe their stores are their kingdom and that they can do what they want to do in them. Along the way, they wring slotting fees, promotion allowances, shopping cart advertising, in-aisle promotions blinking lights at us to distribute coupons at us. They go to all the trouble of creating loyalty clubs and then serve up an irritating, interruptive and self-centered experience. I shared part of your post at and I added you to our blogroll so our readers can link on over to you.

peter Cervieri

here is episode one of Raymond's new TV series, aptly named Living Brands. episode one features haute couture designer Carmen Marc Valvo:

see you all on the 24th @ Raymond's Barnes & Noble book signing event..



and here is the actual video from raymond's B&N event:

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