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January 17, 2007


Todd W.

Holy smokes. This would suck even if it was a live actor. It's badness doesn't rely on the terrible computer graphics, it's only heightened by it.


Indeed! It's scarier than the Kenmore washer commercial with the clowns coming out!

They would have done better to either keep using the original ads, or take him from those ads and insert him into new situations.

This one, is it a person in a latex mask or a 3D imager?

Soo wrong!!

Wayne Wright

We were watching Deep Impact on a HD channel from DirecTV. The commercial came on! I didn't even know the dude was dead. It was so horrible, maybe since we are watching HD, we backed the commercial up several times on the DVR and decided it was a cartoon character. Just did a search to see if we were right and I found your blog.

Somebody paid so much money they could not except failure. My god, please don't butcher someone's life or life work like this again!

The next person who tries this better get it right. I'll never buy their popcorn again.


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