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January 06, 2007


Tammy Vitale

Wow - fancy finding you linking to me (Z list I presume, though I haven't gotten past this post yet) and this article right there for me to read. As an artist, I have a really hard time with the price paid for the Pollock (sorry, I just can't see the art, but then blobs of clay, all the rage in DC, aren't my "cup of tea" either). You have given me a great hook to think about my art in the coming year: authenticity. Now I've certainly heard that word before, but your post made it click in a new way (and isn't that authenticity?!). This is great! Thanks!

steve Wax

Hey, this is a strong piece and I linked to it at our site I'd add at least two other rules, one from our playbook and the other from our Pontiac client, Mark-Hans Ritcher.

1) Ours: You don't create communities, you join them. (And you'd better do Authentically.)

2. Mark-Hans Ritcher's: When you go into another space, for instance Second Life, you should add as much value as you take away.

Per your succeeding story on the Second Life Liberation Army's attacks on big brands, we are working hard to follow both dictums with our Motorati Second Life campaign for Pontiac.

Anyway, excellent piece. Thanks.

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