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February 27, 2007


Scilla Andreen - IndieFlix

I too am a beta tester mostly because it is my life to discover, rate, recommend and use all of the new technologies emerging to distribute independent film. It took me a moment to realize I had left the show. I thought maybe the film had stopped streaming but then the ad started. The volume was louder just as on television but it was short and there was only one ad shown at that moment not a long stream of endless ads. So I was fine with it. I also recognized that filmmakers are being paid a share of the ad revenue every time it runs so I was pleased to know that our filmmakers were making money even in a beta version. I also realized we need to take a little more consideration when figuring the Ad insertion points in the content. Being a filmmaker myself is of utmost importance to not toggle or interrupt the flow of the film.
Scilla Andreen
Co-Founder IndieFlix
IndieFlix Premiere Hits Channel - Joost

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