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August 20, 2007



i'm surprised you weren't told, unless it's extremely busy they usually always take the time to mention it so there are no surprises at check in. the job is much less fun for them when they are yelled at by customers. the hotel near me happily explained it very thoroughly, the reason you pay extra is because there are many different options for playtime. daycamp is the longest one and its all day, you get a discounted rate if you are already boarding than if it were just for the day. unneutered males cannot go into daycamp because there are unspade females in there, therefore they have individual playtimes for a cheaper price. and if you just dont want to pay for daycamp but still want some extra fun, they have a half hour play, an hour play and combinations of ice cream and kongs in packages with some playtimes for less $$. so in reality its better because most other places like you mentioned, what if they dont get along with other dogs or they arent fixed? they either A. cant play at ALL. B. they come home and have puppies. or C. they are seriously injured from a fight.

i personally love the petshotel and the staff is amazing, my dog had an accident in the lobby once and they just said "it happens all the time" then cleaned it up for me with no hesitation.. the outer store would have just pointed me to the nearest clean-up station and walked away. I would definitely recommend going here to anyone!

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