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December 04, 2007



I could not finish reading this article. The misspellings are killing me.

Spell check your posts.

David Polinchock

I tried to send an e-mail to Jason to ask him for additional clarification on his comment, but his e-mail bounced back. So Jason:

Thanks for your comments. I did a spell check and actually only found two typos:
1. Underwhelmed which I actually think could be spelt both as one word or two (I spelt it as one world)
2. Mainy was misspelled and was corrected.
3. I do spell “kinda’” wrong on purpose, as that’s how I speak.

That hardly seems to be so many typos that you couldn’t finish reading them, so I’m thinking that maybe both my spellchecking software & I are missing something. Were there other typos? Or was it just because the two typos were in the first paragraph. I thank you for your help in making our blog better!

Paula Thornton

I kinda talk that way too. Maybe Jason is confused over terms that he thinks are misspelled but are not, because he's not understanding what the word represents. For example, perhaps a few links would help -- like a link to the Fast Company article that reinforces the reference to "Publicis". Or, perhaps Jason is worried about your missing dash in the representation of Kool-Aid (he could note here that even Wikipedia misses the representation of the caps on the 'aid' in many cases Or maybe he just doesn't have anything better to do.

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