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February 21, 2008


David Howatson

Hello-We hear comments such as yours daily from frequent fliers. I wanted to inform you of a new service called We are a new solution focused on eliminating the challenge of too many miles chasing too few frequent flier seats. Our service has been reviewed by frequent flier consumer advocates including Tim Winship at Smarter Travel. We launched our service into beta a few days ago at

Our goal is simple: A way to manage your loyalty programs and assist members in converting points and miles into cash. LoyaltyMatch enables shoppers to find you and pay cash to you for rewards from your programs. You can then use the cash to buy travel services when and where you want, or be prudent and pay off debt or simply use it to have some fun.

Give us a look. Test drive us for free. Let us know how we are doing.
Thanks, David Howatson, Director

Peter Kim

David - if the economic aftermath of 9/11 didn't change things, do you think anything will?

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