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March 21, 2008


Christina Warren

The Gap has been notorious for gross fitting rooms for years (how they are set-up on a chain level makes it much easier for people to engage in sexual activities than say, Abercrombie, which has its fitting rooms in the center of the store and surrounded by a waiting lounge of sorts), so while I think the basic argument/idea brought up by this post is relevant/interesting -- I don't think it will actually have any effect on the brand or the company as a whole -- nor do I expect it to grab much traction. I only say this, because really, who hasn't heard a couple having sex at the Gap?

As for someone commenting on Twitter that they will never visit a store again because of a story, well, if that's truly for real, that's pretty serious -- but again, that could just be hyperbole in the moment. The same way someone would say the same thing if a person told them that story in person -- even though in truth they might still head to the Gap if they need to get some chinos on sale or something. Personally, I haven't bought any actual clothing for myself at the Gap in at least 10 years (and I'm 25), save a little boys dress shirt that I got for a Halloween costume 5 years ago -- their stuff is just too large for my body, but unless it was a Gap that was near my house, I don't think that hearing Lane's story, no matter how disgusting (and truly, that is heinous) would have any effect whatsoever on whether or not I would shop at the Gap in the future. If it happened to me, sure, that's an easy way for a chain to almost certainly lose my business for life, but these type of incidents are really only effective in altering consumer opinions on a localized level. That's my take anyway.

Still - gross! The company at the very least should give Lane a $25 gift certificate (even if their clothing did fit me, I'm not a fan -- but they do tend to have cute messenger bags) and a full apology for not having the employees do a better job checking the clothes before putting them back on the rack. As gross as it was to find them in the fitting room, imagine actually BUYING something like that and discovering it upon taking it home? Or even worse, giving it as a gift? *shudder*

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