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March 17, 2008



The other part of the equation is that, as I've been going on about for the past year "Your Brand Is Not My Friend™"

That means that unless you're one of the few Prom King Brands, I'm not going to want to interact with you in a social media space. I'm there to be social. Not to hear from brands I don't have much interest in.

That means you need to find something useful to give me, something that *I* want to do/hear/play with (vs. something you want to tell me). Do that, and I may actually listen to you.

jon burg

The advertisers that disrupt the social experience will be viewed as a nuisance at best. As advertisers continue to encroach on this environment, as they continue to pollute and dilute the value of the interactions, users will begin to disrespect and even openly "bash" the encroaching advertisers.

And everyone else will learn.

Just look at Edelman and Wallmart. When was the last time YOU read a splog?


Today marketing is about accountability, measurement, and that begins with relevance and dialog. This information is more used to all marketers.

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