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May 12, 2008



Fantastic ... and it's amazing how they built that brand with any TV ads!

erik roscam abbing

That's a great example David, but it also is a very accurate demonstrator of what happened with branding in the late 90s: like pirates becoming lazy and just raising their flag to achieve the desired result, brands started confusing promise with delivery.

The result was empty promises without the tangible benefits to fulfill them. Rather than the brand being a platform for the delivery of meaningful experiences and innovations, they became a facade behind which marketeers could hide from the scrutiny of the consumer. Until the consumer started finding out of course. And started demanding authenticity, transparency, fulfilment of promises and true meaning. To me that's where brands rediscovered their true value and meaning.

I wonder how the pirates would have managed in say 2001? Maybe someone would have posted a blog entry on the absence of any real cannons and gun powder on their ships. Soon enough the skull and crossbone would have faded to an empty promise of a forlorn era. And even pirates would have had to fulfill their brand promise to make a living!

Brands define the relationship between the organisation and its end users. This relationship should be based on exciting and relevant promises and the actual fulfillment of these promises in tangible touchpoints. The two need each other like pirates need gun powder. In the end.


David Polinchock


Excellent point! You're 100% correct that brands haven't learned to truly deliver on their brand promises and in some cases, have gotten pretty lazy. Thanks for your thoughts!

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