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November 16, 2008


Thomas Nehren

I think what makes the response from Motrin warranted (or at least, expected) is the fact that they ventured into the world of social media to promote their product. If you have an ad on TV, not one can respond, at least not directly. But when ads start appearing on microsites or YouTube, those are sites and forums that encourage participation and dialogue. If you place a message in the social arena, others will speak up, for better or worse, and expect you to respond.

Bobette Kyle

Given the timing (the "movement" began sometime Friday and gained steam over the weekend), I agree that Motrin's response time was commendable. And I DO think the correct thing to do was take the ad down. Here's why:

There are different nuances of "offensive." I, for example, find certain beer commercials offensive. If I complained, the response should be something along the lines of "so what" because *I'm not an "ideal customer" for those beer brands.*

In this case, however, those upset are those the campaign was *meant* to appeal to (babywearing moms). It's impossible to please everyone, but I'd sure as heck better try to not offend my target customers. And if significant numbers of those I want to attract are morally outraged by a campaign -- and are influencers to boot -- then I'd pull the campaign in a heartbeat.

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