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November 23, 2008


brad meyer

Word of mouth marketing is in fact a tough approach to push some existing brands or to introduce new products in the food and beverage section. While there is some great approaches on the web where leading companies in the field seamlessly integrated with new social media platforms to get their message to young customers, the weaker brands are having quite a hard time doing so.

As a media buyer and ad-space broker I have come to split the budget for POS campaigns among new media measures and some new classic advertising ideas for instore-marketing. For trendy food and beverage products, it has proven that the communication to your customer right in the moment of purchase always works very well.

The increase of sales with new advertising formats like 3D floorgraphics from companies like is quite heavy. The good thing is that these floor ads seamlessly integrate with any classic POS campaign and you do not have the additional overhead that comes with the web.

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