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December 29, 2008


Jacki Morie

I'd like to add an exception to the descriptions above, Dave. I shopped in Sears twice for the holidays, and found there to be lots of really helpful people staffing the store. Some of the lines were a bit long, but that was to be expected two days before Christmas. Two weeks before that I bought a new washing machine, and the salesman spent over an hour with me, looking for just what I wanted, and when it was not available, helping me check features to find something that matched. He then filled out all the rebate forms (3 of them to a total of $375) so that all I had to do was sign and mail them. Several other people were buying large ticket items in the appliance dept. that day, and the salesman said they were doing a good steady business. I was surprised and delighted that my Sears experiences were that positive.

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