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January 02, 2009


Jeff Stephens

I agree that "WOM is not a tactic or strategy by itself. It is the outcome of doing something really well." But word of mouth marketing is about planning in advance to do something really that it DOES get talked about. It's about creating a methodical process that results in stuff that is indeed truly great.

To your point, we have to create SOMETHING that's done really well if we want people to talk about it. But it's important to remember that the marketing is only one of the many "somethings" that people could talk about. Often it's the product itself, or the delivery of that product, that's worthy of talk...not just the marketing. I think one of the important things to remember is that guerrilla marketing (like what's spoofed in the video) is merely one of the many subsets that comprise word of mouth marketing. When the CEO of responds directly to someone's Tweet, that's a form of WOM marketing. When someone tells their friend about a bank because the tellers always give them hugs, that's a form of WOM, too. The WOM spectrum is really vast, and much of it is not manipulative or false like what's spoofed in the video.

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