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March 06, 2009


Karen Hegmann

Hi David

Interesting post. Overall, I think there's a way to integrate "old" space with the digital space. Whether the space is physical or virtual, people are still people and are looking for forms of engagement. We can't control the fact that audiences (and people in general) seem to be getting ruder. I can't tell you how many times I've been annoyed by people using their Blackberry during a business meeting.

In the new world of interactivity, what we can control is the way the message is delivered. Janet Murray wrote a cool book called "Hamlet on the Holodeck" where she explored the future of narrative in cyberspace. Online communication provides a unique opportunity for a new kind of storytelling. The intent in some cases is to mimic the interactivity found in "live" forms of entertainment such as theater.

Marshall McLuhan also suggested that it's not the technology that has an effect on people. Rather, it's the effect of the message delivered by technology that creates an emotional connection.

As for the video's a great idea and the actors have great voices...but personally I find that type of approach invasive. If I were in a mall food court, I'm probably tired from shopping and am looking for a quick bite before moving on. The last thing I'd want to hear is an impromptu musical. That said, it would definitely get me talking about the product.

Pine and Gilmore suggested that all business is show business, and if all the world is a stage, then there is ample opportunity for drama and interaction in both the "bricks and mortar" and digital worlds.

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