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March 19, 2009


Joseph Jaffe

First of all let me remind you how much I love you guys.

Secondly, thanks for pointing out the red herring in the room...the completely tangent taken by a bunch of people who CLEARLY have no agendas of their own.

As a reminder, I did not mention crayon in the article once.

Thirdly, we're actually in complete agreement. Social belongs in the middle. NOT Social Media. Social i.e. peer-to-peer and yes, experiential is the cog that brings all 3 worlds together. Social media as narrowly defined by just the virtual component i.e. blogging, social networks, twitter and the like.

So I think we're in complete alignment and I appreciate you taking the time and consideration to write this post :)


Great thoughtful article. So ironic that Jaffe is out there asking clients to entrust him with their social reputation, when he himself seems to blunder around the blogosphere lurching from one social media SNAFU to another. Sad.

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